You guys already know KING is one of my favorite vocal groups. Ever. They are so gifted with such a creative approach to not only their music but the visuals they pair with it. I think the imagery in this video depicts Prince’s untimely death; I see a bit of symbolism that brought me to that conclusion. Someone I know thinks that’s a reach, but it’s a beautiful video, nonetheless. Let me know what you think.

Can you believe it’s been a year already. RIP Prince

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  1. I’m about to reach a little further: What if Prince (character) died, but not the man who played Prince?
    And no I am not one of those “I think Tupac faked his death and is coming back)” type of people.
    Sidenote: pay attention to the 4:02 – 4:03 mark. Please tell me what you see. I may be reaching in my mind.

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      1. You have to pay attention to what comes out of the flower. A white flower does but at the 4:02 – 4:03 mark, it looks like a penis. I could be reaching but there is always weird stuff in videos.
        But on the subject of Prince. Most of these people are bread to be what they are. When they’re born their parents know the time, alignment of stars, numerology and everything needed to know to direct a person’s life in the right order. It also tells you what that person is here to do. They raise that child to know all of that information as well. With discipline that person becomes a god (famous and wealthy) amongst regular men. But when they’re tired of it they (the character, Prince. etc) dies but the actual person continues to live on. Not saying that this is the case for Prince but it is a possibility.


        1. Oh yes I see the flower. Didn’t think it looked like a penis but I can see how it’s perceived that way.
          I definitely feel you. The powers that be/Hollywood is very much into numerology and throw gods out when their time is up. I think some know it’s coming and they start to speak out and shift gears, like Michael and Whitney.


    1. Right! They always make animated visuals for their songs, but this is the only one that I thought meant a little something more.
      And yes, King creates the absolute best music to vibe out.

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