hip-hop en pointe

We are truly some magical beings.

11 thoughts on “hip-hop en pointe

  1. Well, that does it for me, one of the dancers said at the end, “If you’ve got rhythm, you can dance hiplet.” There goes my claim to fame. I got no rhythm whatsoever. I wonder would they consider someone who once excelled at square dancing and it could be called, ‘squarelet’. LOL!

    This was awesome! They are so extremely talented and I am glad they found someone who took them seriously enough to enable them to let their talent shine!

    Thanks for sharing this Kelley!

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  2. In fact ballet, classical style, has always used other styles whenever it suited its purpose. So how great it is to see Hiplet, a true dance style that uses ballet? It’s a brilliant idea. Great post Kelly. Thanks for sharing.

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