What I Wasn’t Taught in School

And to think I used to want to be a teacher..

19 thoughts on “What I Wasn’t Taught in School

  1. Excellent poem. Very thought-provoking. I stopped depending on history teachers for the truth in elementary school, when I realized they were all lying to us about the history of Native Americans and the pilgrims, along with feeding us that Thanksgiving fairytale. I was only a child, but I realized I’d have to find the truth on my own because it wasn’t in our textbooks. We weren’t even taught the truth about civil rights or slavery. I didn’t start getting accurate history lessons until took African-American History in college. Great post.

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  2. WOW! He was spot on! Growing up in the south, not one teacher ever taught us anything about slavery. All we heard was that a group of oppressed people came over here to escape persecution, who were then taxed to pieces and honorably fought a war against England for the right to rule over themselves. As for my being here and Black, there was no explanation for that. A history teacher once told me to stand up and turn around. He told the class that I was what an Egyptian looked like. So, I was taught that I am from Egypt, then another history teacher told me that I was from Spain. So, apparently, I immigrated here from Egypt by way of Spain. smh

    It is an extremely sad fact that Black students are taught nothing about their history, to this very day!

    I thank you SO much for posting this Kelley!

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