‘No A-hole Rule’

I first read about this no asshole rule on dancingpalmtrees.com. Of course the title caught my attention. I have had a hard time getting this idea through to my sister/business partner who believes money trumps how people treat you – dollars over how much stress and discomfort they create. Uhm.. no. Not all money is good money, especially when there are plenty of clients and prospects who are kind and lovely to work with. A line has to be drawn. I just think when it doesn’t feel good, it’s most likely no good.

I also think this philosophy should be all-encompassing; from amorousness to business to that one neighbor you can’t stand; rid your life of all the assholes. Even if it’s your supervisor, minimize your interactions with that fool. Pack light + eliminate anyone who messes up your chi.

full post: why life is too short to work with assholes

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5 thoughts on “‘No A-hole Rule’

  1. Nooooooo Kelley, I’ve been called an asshole plenty of times. You can’t cut me out your life. Hahaha but seriously I just read a book called Before You Quit Your Job. It’s by the same guy who wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad. He talked about only cultivating your relationships with good customers. Dealing with bad ones brings all sorts of problems.

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