week 23|2017

When you acknowledge your flaws, nobody can use them against you. But if you don’t acknowledge them, the the ego pops out and retaliates. -unknown

5 thoughts on “week 23|2017

  1. I like this a lot. Luckily everything I’ve heard about myself up to this point in my life I already know about . But at my age I’m beginning to realize that people may not have the purest intentions with their critiques. Some may do it out of spite, some may do it for their own selfish motives, some may do it because of their own insecurities which kinda ties back into spite, etc. Who knows. When someone critiques my behavior/personality these days, I have to analyze the type of relationship we have, as well as their possible intentions for sharing it, before I give it any serious consideration. Sorry for going so deep lol but this messages hits home for me on so many levels. Thanks Kelley!

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    1. I agree with you! You have to check yourself, of course, but then ask if their opinion really counts. And if it does, then you have a conversation-decide if a change is necessary or if they took your actions/words out of their intended context. Cuz we all know people just say many things out of spite! A guilty heart acts in foolish ways! And airs can be easily cleared with good, honest communication.

      Thanks for the honest feedback, MM! Glad to know this post resonated.

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