week 24|2017

Don’t become who hurt you.

Like any worthwhile task, mastering your emotions is ofttimes much easier said than done.

If we haven’t recognized ourselves as a version of the person who’s hurt us, we know someone that took on the role of someone who hurt them and plays it to T. I automatically think of anger. Sadness. Deception. Revenge-seeking. Useless, stagnating emotions birthed from the turmoil someone else has caused. (While that someone is most likely going on with their lives, unbeknownst to your pain + suffering, btw.) And in the long run, you end up hurting yourself by pushing loving people away, denying your pain and letting wounds fester. Languishing in the hurt lets the perp win! Whether or not you choose to acknowledge it, they still hold control if your actions are based on what they did to you. At least that’s how I see it.

18 thoughts on “week 24|2017

  1. Revenge is useless. I get very disheartened hearing punishment as a means of making someone hurt that has hurt you. A waste of energy and keeps you trapped…indefinitely. Not to mention steals time and makes you look foolish.

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    1. Right! I understand the walls, but don’t repeat the same harmful behaviors that built them in the first place. Especially to keep out people that genuinely care and want only the best for you.

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  2. Very true. I actually recently experienced this and was trying to talk myself out of holding on to ill feelings. I ran into an Ex several times recently so it’s definitely close to home. I also agree that you can push people away harboring those ill feelings.

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  3. You’re right. I’m working with my therapist to get past my hatred of my ex-husband. It’s a work in progress. But, since I’ve been practicing mindfulness I no longer allow his negative energy to control my emotions and take up space in my life.

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    1. Good for you, Tikeetha! That is the smart, mature route. Harboring that negativity is dangerously unhealthy. And benefits no one. There is no “escaping” him, so I applaud you for attempting to make the very best of it.

      I hope it gets easier for you sooner than later. Thank you for sharing your testimony.

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