Head in the Cloudland

Cloudland Canyon had been on my radar for over a year; I mean, look at it. After my trip to San Juan, I thought hey, where can I hike that resembles heaven without hopping on a plane? 


Cloudland is one of sixty Georgia state parks and is located in Rising Fawn about two hours northwest of Atlanta. I don’t mind driving, but I hate narrow, two-lane highways. Half of the drive is narrow, two-lane highways. Designate a driver that you trust(I only trust me), because of course, these roads that wind wind wind are the only means to reach the opening of this glorious canyon. There is zero room for error, so you might drive over the side or oncoming traffic won’t leave you enough room and you may crash + die. But it’s so worth it.

We walked down six hundred steps to reach the canyon’s floor. Yea..six HUNDRED. Reason one: waterfalls. And yea, to walk the same amount of steps back up is no joke. I expected to have Serena Williams-esque thighs at the end of the ascent.. but nah. Didn’t happen. I’m still feeling the burn, and we took this trip last month! I suggest a good stretch pre- and post-hike. And mad water intake throughout.

Being here reminded me of how tiny we humans are, how nature is a restorative and that nature always wins. I can’t wait to return in autumn to capture the transitioning foliage.

To learn nerd facts about Cloudland Canyon and see more pretty pictures, check out the Georgia State Parks site. Get out there and enjoy this free beauty, y’all! It awaits you.


This trip was sponsored by BlackPackerz

All photos captured with my handy Galaxy s13

27 thoughts on “Head in the Cloudland

  1. Sounds great! I Love and Enjoy getting into Nature. So healing. Since I Live in New York I especially Love being in Central Park. Lots of Nature trails there. Also being in any of New York City’s Botanic Gardens is an excellent way to commune with Mother Nature. If my money is right I hope to take a bus ride to visit my girlfriend in PA. Buses and trains for me. I don’t drive. I have a week of vacation in August. I do have friends in Columbus, GA who will also be glad to see me. Either way that will be relaxing for me.

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  2. I am so glad you like to hike. I love these pictures. Only I have no intention of driving winding roads because I ” might drive over the side or oncoming traffic won’t leave you enough room and you may crash + die”. Thanks for that picture, too. Just kidding..Cloudland does look pretty.

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    1. Hahaaaaa! Well, my sister and friend that accompanied me drive like madmen, so of course I wouldn’t trust them to not get us all killed on the winding roads!

      It definitely is pretty. We’ll be going back.. and I’ll be driving 🙂

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  3. Mother Nature is certainly no joke; will crack open a mountain to form a garden. Redecorating the world to a new vision. Excellent photos… and you very zen.

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