week 25|2017: Giving Thanks

Happy fifth birtheversary to my blog! Yes, people. It has been five years since gray suede’s inception. {Click here to laugh at my struggle.} I don’t know where the time went either, but it’s been a fun ride. Also the ride has been bumpy. Deserted. Lonely. I swear I could hear crickets. I would go months without posting or even logging in- ready to say f!$# it (more than once) and throw in the towel. But somehow five years added up and here we are!

I’m going to keep it short + sweet and end it with a big thanks to any and every one who has read my posts. THANK YOU to those that were moved and entertained enough to comment, share and subscribe. I also want to thank all the blog writers who inspire me to share my testimony and teach me new ideas and vocabulary; you are the real MVPs!

Y’all are so beautiful and dope and I’m glad we found each other. Feel free to leave any advice or words of encouragement in the comments! I’m also accepting gifts if you feel so moved 😘

Thank you ❀

36 thoughts on “week 25|2017: Giving Thanks

  1. I accidentally liked this before i read it. I don’t know how but my phone flipped the post comments. I’m seeing happy anniversary thinking wtf are they talking about. Cause i was in the black fathers post or so i thought. But 5 years in the game is a amazing. You’ve touched so many people within that time. I know some times we feel like the changes we want to happen aren’t happening or aren’t happening fast enough. But believe me, you definitely moved more people than you know. Thanks for blessing us with you. Continue to let your light shine.

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    1. Thanks so much, Cliff! That means so much to me. I appreciate your kind, truthful words. I know I have touched at least a handful, so I’ve done my job. Gonna try to touch a few more.

      Thank you for always tuning in and giving your two cents. xo

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  2. A round of applause goes to all of the now silent crickets out there! ^_^ Congratulations Queen! Your light is so beyond necessary. β™₯ Now let us raise an ocean of love to five more years and forever…β™₯

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