week 27|2017: self-reliance, the secret sauce

I love Darius Foroux‘s conversational, straight-no-chaser writing style. This time, I’m sharing with you his thoughts on practicing emotional self-reliance. I thought I was, but I felt another g-check was in order while reading his list.

In a nutshell, Darius’ six lessons to become emotionally self-reliant are:

  • Have a voice
  • Learn how to master your emotions
  • Celebrate adversity
  • Separate yourself from everything (see: non-attachment love)
  • Get comfortable with yourself
  • Live without regrets

Please read the post for full details on each lesson.

I am still mastering my emotions; I’m the baby in my family and for a while, I was the youngest grandchild/cousin, so I got zero say on planning the party. Zero. It trickled into my adulthood as needing to be heard, a wave of irritation washing over me when (I feel) I’m being ignored… hence why I have a blog?

Another point that struck a chord was living without regrets. HOW, Sway??! you ask? Three words: just do it. Stop not doing the things you want to do. The author says If you’re unhappy or if you want to change, just change your standards. You can’t change the past. Yes, it’s easier said than done, especially if you hurt someone and never apologized or didn’t get to say goodbye or stood firm when you should’ve taken that leap. BUT it can be done! Live and learn, right. Without rushing the process, I’ve learned to forgive myself, forgive others and take the necessary time to move on.

What about you? By Darius’ definition, are you already practicing self-reliance?

19 thoughts on “week 27|2017: self-reliance, the secret sauce

  1. I’m reading it now. I’d like us to meet up at Ebrik or wherever and chat about this, Kellz. I too am the youngest of MANY. LOL. Lord have mercy…this article. Thank you for posting this!

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