week 29|2017

Being a small business owner-well, just dealing with other humans in general, I encounter a fair amount of nonsense. Some potential customers will give us the runaround for weeks then fall off the earth. (We should start charging for consultations, uh?) A stranger rear-ends you and tells you why they couldn’t avoid hitting you, how you came out of nowhere or it happened so fast, but will not, cannot and does not just apologize. I could go on and on about the apologies I think I should’ve received, but I stopped expecting them long ago; no expectation means I don’t get (as) angry or harbor those negative thoughts, knowing that the other party has no idea how upset I am over here in my head expecting an “I’m sorry” that may never happen! It really is silly and unhealthy. BUT, admitting fault is damn sexy, courageous and necessary- a great sign of maturity.

I feel we’re being hardest on ourselves when we cannot voice a genuine apology. What is the big deal with admitting fault? Why is it so hard to apologize, especially if you know you’re wrong or someone tells you why he feels you’ve wronged him?

We all have lapses in judgement. We’re not perfect. Just say it.

15 thoughts on “week 29|2017

  1. It is true that a lot of people have issues with admitting their wrongs and saying sorry. I never really thought about how much the ego plays into that until now. I’m mad late. lol

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      1. Yeah it’s pretty sad that some people are so scared to be wrong that they never say “I’m sorry” or try not to at least. And ironically, you look super wrong when you do that! lol

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  2. Really hate it when people give us the runaround and we spend a lot of hours doing consultations, attending meetings, drafting contracts, doing phone calls…only to have them poof into thin air when it’s time to sign the paperwork and pay their fees.

    It’s a part of doing business though. Not every client is a serious one.

    All the best to you and yours!

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    1. Riiiiiiiiiight! I used to wonder why people charged to consult. But now I understand that there is so much to it! Time and energy you cannot get back.

      Thanks so much, Alexis! same to you!!


      1. First session is still free with our firm, but after that, we start charging. One of the signature moves some clients have used, is to hire us to do one thing (like build a website) and then constantly email and call while we work on that to ask us questions about branding, logos, PR strategy, etc not related to the website. We had to put a stop to that eventually.

        Thanks again.

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