week 30|2017

If you allow bullshit with no consequence,
the bullshitter has no reason to stop bullshittin you.

20 thoughts on “week 30|2017

  1. This is funny. Because I was about to be the antagonist on the next post about black men need to do better even though I haven’t read it yet. I’m wondering if I should just save my comment for that. But with this quote in mind, the same thing goes for the black man and woman’s relationships.
    Black men will step their game up, when black women make them step their game up. End of story, period. Someone may look at that as being a sexist comment but it’s not. It is actually giving and empowering women. Because women do have all of the power but a lot of them do not use it. I was looking for a better word than use it but that’s all I could come up with at the moment. Lol. But let me check out what this post has to say. And I am in no way saying that we don’t have to do better because we do. But the power is in the hands of a women.

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    1. True enough! And your comment does apply much better to this post than the other because the other is more about the continuous rape and molestation of our women. And men defending the perpetrators instead of the victims.

      I’m in complete agreement with you, Cliff. If women really stepped their game up, there would be no such thing as a lowlife, bum nigga, bitch nigaa, baby daddy or fuckboy. I promise you! And that catch flights not feelings mentality would be dead. But we get in our feelings and allow these energies in our lives thinking we can love and encourage them to change. Sometimes we can, but 99.99% of the time, the man has to WANT to change for HIMSELF first. And if he’s not motived AND given no incentive to do so nor any consequence if he doesn’t, why would he?

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      1. I agree with you 100 percent. Someone near and dear to me is going through the nonsense now with a bum nigga, but it’s too late. They have two kids together. Now she’s stuck, but if she would’ve demanded better from him and herself from the door she wouldn’t be in this situation.
        In her children’s father’s house there is a broken mirror. Any logical MAN would have thrown the mirror out as soon as it happened. To make it worse the three year old boy broke the mirror. The six year old boy thinks that the mirror is dangerous. His silly ass thinks that it’s no big deal.
        I told the mother to quit allowing the kids to go over there. Until he cleans up his act. She being weak minded said but the kids beg to go over there. SO THE FUCK WHAT! You’re their parent and you are protecting them. If he really wants his kids, he’ll get his shit together. But until she demands more from him, he’ll stay the same.
        But honestly though, just because they are black don’t make them cut from the same cloth. If we are to be honest. A nice amount of niggas are just bums. Sad but true statement. I’m not judging us as a whole, because there are a way more great ones than sucker ones but that sucker mentality is highly prevalent.

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        1. It is and you’re right.
          Firstly, we have to protect, love and respect ourselves. No, no one deserves to be violated but I do think there are ways to prevent certain situations, especially heartache. These dudes do not need another mom; they have to want to grow up- some motivation to do right.

          Some don’t realize it and others don’t realize it until it’s too late.

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