Black Men, We Need To Do Better For Black Women! (a repost)

I like to assume that no one reading my blog thinks poorly of Black women, but you never know.

I got into a tiny online feud last week with an unconscious “man” of African descent who said I was probably made from an R. Kelly song lol. You have to give this man respect. Uhm.. where? Since when does talent trump acts of molestation and harm of women and girls? It’d be different if we had no idea, but to knowingly support and defend a PEDOPHILE? Why? Like I said, the feud didn’t last long, just two comments from me, a lot of smh and a quick swoop to the “block” button.

Like Brotha Wolf, the author of the original post, I, too, was disgusted at the entire defense team of R. Kelly looking just like us. Like him. Like me. From outsiders, laughing at our pain is expected. But it cuts extra deep coming from our own. Couldn’t even listen to local radio because there was an influx of his song play. WTH? Why do we support abusers and rapists? Why are we so quick to defend a lewd act but disregard the victims’ feelings?

We’re really in a sad place.

Before I begin, I want to make something loud and clear. This rant was not written for the satisfaction and ego boast of the white male ego, nor is it to absolve all the things I’ve blogged about concerning racism. Hell yes, racism is a major issue, but it’s NOT the only issue. And lastly, this […]

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8 thoughts on “Black Men, We Need To Do Better For Black Women! (a repost)

  1. I’ve been looking at Kelly sideways since he married Aaliyah years ago. It’s obvious he has a pattern for liking younger women and girls. His current wife is 19 if I’m not mistaken. He has a real problem! We can’t keep making excuses for this guy. He is sick!

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      1. fame allows you to get away with a lot more. People are more likely to find excuses. But unfortunately I’ve even seen people make excuses for non famous people too. It’s because we don’t want to deal with this issue. People want to bury their heads in the sand.

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        1. Definitely. It’s a deep issue with us and it needs to be addressed, every time. People are afraid of the guilt and shame that comes along with admitting fault or that you were hurt by someone you trusted. It must be a hard life to live, for the perpetrator and the survivor.

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  2. Yes, his music is bumping but he will never get my respect or my money. I just hope he can get some help.
    But you know what Ms. Kelley? Some of us have a major tendency to gloss over and deny the things that we can’t process. The problem is that most of us don’t know that’s what we’re doing.
    Thanks for the reblog. I’ll pop over to read it shortly.

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    1. Exactly, Lady G! We don’t think it’s normal to want to have sexual/romantic relationships with children, so we don’t understand why anyone else would. He’s displaying a dangerous pattern. My theory is that he was violated around his teenage years and never grew past 15 or so- mentally or emotionally.

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