week 32|2017

When you know what you want
and you want it badly enough,
you’ll find a way to get it.
-Jim Rohn

True or nah? This goes for jobs, projects, travel- whatever opportunity arises. I understand that an able-bodied being does not equate an able-bodied mind. You just have to wake up and use your power to get what you want! No excuses! Even if you can’t afford that $1200 flight now, save up that dough for a few paychecks, months or a year and bam! You got it.

24 thoughts on “week 32|2017

  1. I’m very Tenacious or like my Dad used to say Stubborn. One must have a plan to achieve your goals along with patience because sometimes it takes a while for things to manifest. Keep going even if you encounter detours. Rest if you must be then get back on track.

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      1. Follow through can be difficult because we all fall prey to frustration. I know I have. Sometimes I’ve had to step away and take a break. There were times when those breaks were extended but once I calm down then I can get going again. However I can guarantee that you won’t see me on Dancing with the Stars or America’s Got Talent!! LOL!! Singing and dancing are not my forte!! Ha! Ha! 🙂 😀

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  2. This may sound corny but you missed an opp. You can still do it. But I think you should’ve hyperlinked
    “dough” to twodoughgirls.com. People like me that think, “Hey Kelley hyperlinked something, it must be important. Let me click on it.” So I click on it and voila I’m reminded that I need some of your baked goods!

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    1. Haaa I always appreciate the feedback, Cliff! Shipping is pricey in the summer; since it’s so hot and things don’t stay fresh that long, we opt for overnight which can cost more than what’s inside. But you’re right; I should have linked it.

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        1. No, but it will probably be a minimum of $25 for shipping. I’d recommend waiting until at least mid-October to order; then it’ll be much cooler and we can chance a few extra shipping days but still get you fresh product.

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          1. I didn’t read the post yet about blogging but as I was scrolling down to get to the last one that I left off at, I seen that you said PROMOTE! You’re already the ATL plug and getting bigger with every passing day. You may need to hop on sooner than later.

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