A Word From Dick Gregory

The videotapes are horrifying, all of them, but no more horrifying than a public lynching. It continues to scream I do not value your life and you are not human to me. We should be angry and emotional, however, we should not respond emotionally. This is a systemic, institutionalized problem that demands a systemwide solution. This is genocide by cop and cannot be tolerated!

I believe that many of these events on both sides of the spectrum are intended to incite violence. Be careful, Black people. Do not fall for this trick. We still have Black folks unaccounted for post-Katrina. The country is mad as hell. This is perfect timing for the system to justify thinning out the herd. Do not walk into that trap with your minimal resources and mom and pop weaponry. I’d advise taking the exact opposite approach. Being loving and lovable does not mean do nothing or be weak. 

Our mass commercialism is incredibly problematic. For generations, I’ve stated our only effective power is economical. Our attention spans are too short and our memories too weak. You need to have faith in your ability to maintain a movement, a shift of consciousness that will most likely cause you discomfort, but effect change. This cannot be driven by a singular movement; movements get infiltrated and movements get hijacked. Town halls and rallies are intended to help folks feel better; they are short-termed and rarely enduring. You can, however, be lifelong activists with your wallet. Take the jerseys off your back, the Jordans off your feet, the McDonald’s out your mouth and the Coke out your cup. Stop talking about you’re a soldier and your blood pressure and blood sugar are high.

I’ve been saying “have fun but have fun quick because recess is just about over” for a long time. We simply prioritize playtime over real-time. Real change takes work, it takes us doing more to turn our neighborhoods into communities. It requires us to have a meaningful purpose to live and a willingness to be uncomfortable to change our reality.  -Dick Gregory

rest in Power ❤

10 thoughts on “A Word From Dick Gregory

  1. I hope you know Dick Gregory has been talking like this for ages. But he never got the coverage he should have gotten. Even from other Blacks. I think because he was too truthful. He did not sugar-coat what he said. He didn’t try to be politically correct. He told it like it was and is. I still like to listen to him on youtube. Great post.

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    1. Yes indeed! My sister told me about him years ago and I’ve watched old tapings of him from when he was a much younger man. I also wrote him in for president last year.. I love that he never stopped. He never changed his focus. He was fearless. That’s very admirable, especially as he saw his friends and fellow activists taken out.

      Thanks for the comment, Elva! Hope you’re well.

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  2. Thank you for posting this, Kelley! I’ve been a Dick Gregory fan for years. He’s always been honest and provocative and offering solutions. I echo….Rest in Power.
    Did you come up with that?
    I do not use my wallet to. to buy meat, to buy leather, to buy designer clothes and brand name products made in third world countries where they treat the workers like s*&t… to buy factory farm food etc.
    My issues are different than yours, and Dick is right. Money talks.

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Resa! Money does talk and we can all make a significant impact with whom we hand our dollar.

      And I didn’t come up with the phrase but I love it. I feel that’s exactly what he’s doing, resting in power.

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