Liminal: a music share

I had the pleasure of witnessing Okorie Johnson perform live this weekend. He was the highlight of the night for me. He’s just such a talent. I hope you enjoy his sound as much as I do.

Like Shanti Om, he uses a loop machine to record the track and .. magic!

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5 thoughts on “Liminal: a music share

  1. I am typing while I listen.
    My play-play God son does this where he creates a loop while on stage then plays over the loop–But he does it with guitar.
    Anywhats…this guys is AWESOME. I am a huge lover of strings. I played violin for 5 minutes and I wish to God I would have stuck with it. My bestie just recently started playing cello after playing the viola for years.
    Thanks for sharing this Ms. Kelley 🙂
    Excellent way to start the week 🙂

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