You Down With BBP?


I know I promised to give you more Black Every Friday posts, you know, like old times. And I have really been slacking! I know of too many dope Black things to not be on my sh-

Anywho, it’s been just over a year since I met two of the sisters from Black Balance Podcast, and it’s been nothing but love since! They are a lovely group of creative, fun, intelligent, beautiful, multi-dimensional women that I’m proud to know.


In the beginning, BBP had candid talks about current topics. They have since turned their focus to Black-owned business owners and Black creatives in the Atlanta area. They still sprinkle in candid convo, but I (not so secretly) wish they’d be a little heavier handed with  with the random topics + candidness, but.. For me, it’s been fun getting to know people that are not only super inspiring, innovative and interesting, but so accessible! I would otherwise be ignorant to their existence and my own existence would be …kinda wack.

After listening to their first episode, I took the narcissistic route and listened to my own episode. Yes, my sister and I had the honor of being interviewed by these queens and also participated in the live podcast in February! We had so much fun!

You guys, I don’t even listen to podcasts. Do you? (I’m more of a visual person.) Like I can only name maybe one other podcast, so that tells you Black Balance is pretty dang special. Just listen. Give them some social media high fives. Let’s support great, worthwhile things.

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14 thoughts on “You Down With BBP?

          1. lol yes I was like ooookay, I’ve never heard people so excited about EVERYthing lol, except me, so I was nodding my head through each one. Listened to the one about bras and the creative one, and another, but I can’t think of the topic.

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  1. I haven’t gotten into podcasts. I know that they’re like the most popping thing in these streets these days. I guess I need to catch up to the times. I love the new layout and color scheme. if possible can you put an Instagram icon or button at the bottom in the middle under your description.

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    1. They’re so trendy, right! I met the BBP crew as people before I knew of the podcast and then they asked to interview us and honestly that may have been what pushed me. But I think I need referral before I listen to other podcasts.

      And thank you so much. I will figure something out with the links!

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