9 Ways Black Men Can Express Self-Love (a repost)

Sometimes I forget that men need safe spaces too. They cry. They get overwhelmed. They break down. They aren’t allowed to just breathe. To feel weak. To just be.
Like us women, being Black in America is rarely a walk in the park; as reflections of one another, our plights are nearly identical. Unlike us, men are rarely-if ever-encouraged to express their feelings or make time to strengthen themselves by means of meditation, solitude or therapy.

Although the linked list may seem applicable to any body, I think the brothers could especially use the reminder that their temples are worthy of all the good that life is capable of bringing if self-love is practiced and self-preservation remains at the top of the priorities list.

As always, we can of course discuss here, but I also encourage you to give the original post your thoughts.

Take care ❤

I don’t see too many articles on self-love and expression when it comes to addressing men unless it is to do with sex. I just want to spend a few minutes where men can experience no judgment towards themselves in simple ways that are culturally authentic. I think Black men are hypermasculinized by our community’s expectations of […]

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14 thoughts on “9 Ways Black Men Can Express Self-Love (a repost)

  1. Thanks Ms. Kelley for sharing this post. As the mother of a young black man in his 20’s, I am always interested in anything and anyone that builds our men up 🙂 Good looking out, love 🙂

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  2. Kelley , great post. I definitely agree! People don’t realize that black men go through a lot, emotionally. Many are losing the ability to express themselves because the world has imparted into our minds that having emotions are not manly attributes. I will definitely continue reading. If you wish, check out my post as well. I think it goes well with your topic.

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