new package, same great taste

Peace family!

As you can read, I changed my domain name. (Thanks for the help, Cliff!) Some of you may remember me mentioning that graysuede was not my first choice for the blog title, but my other options were either taken or too expensive-so graysuede it was for over five years. Since 2016, I wanted to change it, but nothing stuck. Nothing prompted a Yes, girl! That’s it!, so I chalked it up to being wrong timing and just rode it out until something stuck. And time finally said now.

I’m very much into timing; I make moves according to when my spirit signals it’s best. I debuted my blog on summer solstice 2012 and now, with black.burgundy, I’m starting anew on the last day of summer/autumnal equinox. Although the exact hours vary on this year’s equinox, the word itself means equal night: equal hours of day and night. Historically, it marks a changing season and a time to celebrate the arrival of fall harvest;  change is almost always a good, necessary thing, so how fitting, right? This morning, the sun enters Libra, the zodiac of balanced scales. You know I try to keep it fresh with humor/sarcasm, knowledge, art and …whatever else comes to mind worth sharing. This balanced medley is important and, along with visible and tangible changes as well as the aforementioned factors, my spirit felt it was right to manifest that change in line with the official start of autumn. And WordPress was being hella glitchy these last few weeks like it knew graysuede’s time was up! So here we are.

Welcome to black.burgundy. It may seem like a simple change, but it feels even more special and personal because I got my first choice this time. I’m excited to see what this season will bring. Will it be another five years before I feel the need for a different shift? Who knows. I’ll hope you’ll stick around to see.


23 thoughts on “new package, same great taste

  1. I love the new name 🙂
    Ironically…coincidentally… I guess something must be in the air… because I sat here yesterday and made some needed changes to my site as well. Change is good. but like you said, timing is key.

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  2. Sister, I like the new name, do you mind sharing why black Burgundy? Because I am a darker shade of black I have made burgundy my color, only colored my hair a deep red and mostly wears the same color lipstick, I love this color on black and on me.

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    1. Thank you, love!

      It has a nice ring to it, right? I guess I had our undertones in mind. And since burgundy is a brownish purple with purple being the child of blue and red, I summed up the deep end of our beautiful spectrum. Plus I love the colors black and burgundy.

      Thanks for asking and sharing!

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  3. Love the name! ❤ When it comes to certain decisions I move with the spirit. That’s how I came up with the names for both my blogs. I am a Fiery Spirit who is also a Roaming Urban Gypsy. My blog names reflect me and my nature. I enjoy your blog and will be with you all the way!

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    1. Thanks so much, my dear! It’s always nice to see your face in my place.

      I can definitely tell you share your photos and words with your truest intent behind it. There is no sugar coating and that is refreshing in this superficial society. Thank you

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  4. I feel so honored to be mentioned by you Kelley! Wow! I’m sitting here cheesing 🙂 I really do love Black|Burgundy. It sounds smooth coming out. If that makes any sense. Plus the layout is crisp and the color scheme is mysterious and intriguing. It draws you in. I’m having second thoughts about putting the IG button below. I like how it looks really clean right now without it. Unless you can change the wordpress icon with an IG icon. But anyway, I think you should celebrate this beautiful change. You have accomplished a lot.

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    1. Thanks so much, Cliff! It means a loooooooot coming for you, my friend! I will most likely make a contact page with my social media handle + email or add them to my art supply page. We’ll see.

      Thank you for the love and suggestions!! I’m glad you like it 🙂

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