it’s always something with these black women

too small
too tall
too loud
too proud
too narrow
too wide
too polite
too uninviting
too stiff
too rhythmic
too aggressive
too passive
too mysterious
too open
too dark
too light
too humorous
too serious
too bitter
too sweet
too calm
too quiet
too oblivious
too aware
too smart
too ugly
too fine
too weak
too strong
too joyous
too black
too comfortable in your own body
taking up too much space

The short of it? LIES
The truth, though, your beauty is undeniable. That’s where the too’s come in. We’ve been denied the right to be because the others fear what cannot be boxed and labeled to their standard of comfort.

Black woman, you are perfect.
Black woman, you are the closest fleshly definition of perfection. And Black man, you are right there beside us.


It’s Always Something With These Black Women ยฉ 2017 KB Wright
photo cred:ย “Faces of Eve” by Gerald Griffin; no copyright infringement intended

69 thoughts on “it’s always something with these black women

  1. Hear! Hear! Every single word is true! I’d want to be me even if I had the chance to do it all over again. My cousin, bless his heart, tells me each and every single day of how I’m such a ‘strong Black woman’. He should know. I’ve had to single handedly deal with his many issues while juggling my own. But he just wants me to know how much he appreciates the strength that IS the Black woman.

    May we all continue to continue on, strong, Black, beautiful and proud of it!

    Thank you for posting this one Kelley! Oh, btw, I love the new name. I seem to have missed much in my absence.

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  2. I am absolutely in love with this. I am always so sick of these ill informed stereotypes that people take as bible. We are beautiful and strong that we demonstrate with every movement. This is powerfully written.

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  3. “Young black women, you are more than your thighs and your hips! You are beautiful, strong, powerful I want more from you” Aunt Myrtle (played by the wonderful Cicely Tyson) Madea’s Family Reunion

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  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you..
    “too black
    too comfortable in your own body
    taking up too much space”
    As one African Queen likes to say “yes, Moghele, Bafe” We must give it to them!!! Yass; the blackness, the beauty, the sass, the poetry, the hair, the attitude, the realness. Its a great time to be a black woman

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  5. yep i was looking for too african but i did go down the list and was like the too i am looking for is missing but you hinted at it with too black i was looking for too african but too black was last on the list and i was going through the entire list looking for that too


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