#000: an art share



#000, or BLACK, is a collection of photos curated to express the cultural appreciation of the women owning their true self through their hair. – Roy Handy

It’s been too long, y’all. You know I love the arts and I can’t get enough, but it seems like the same thing happened as we transitioned from 2016 to 2017: I let my museum and gallery pictures pile up and just didn’t take the time to share. I’m not gonna say I’ll do better because that’s highly unlikely, but I will say be thankful that I’m here now 🙂


Last month, I attended a photography showcase by Roy Handy, curated by Rose Smith. It was nice to see so many beautiful brown faces of all ages squeezed into this small space to support this brother and his art! It was cold that night, but it was warm in there, in more ways than one.


As you can see, I didn’t get the best shots of his photography, but I think I shot the vibe pretty well. There’s not much to say about Roy’s work; it’s simply beautiful. His vision is clear and he captures the natural Black woman perfectly. (That’s him in the photo above smiling with one of the models.) I can easily see his work being used for cosmetics ads, butters and oils and hair products. Hopefully one day blown up 1000%, lining the windows of beauty supply stores.


peep more on his site and instagram
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