On suicide, depression and loving Black children — RaceBaitR

By Gioncarlo Valentine “Where do you go when the pain of staying is stronger than that of leaving?”- Joel Leon I recently happened across a story that shook me into a state of genuine despair. A woman named Marisa Harris, who was working to dedicate her life to helping troubled youth, who attended my former…

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9 thoughts on “On suicide, depression and loving Black children — RaceBaitR

  1. I’m struggling to find the right words…words that will profoundly impress upon us the need and benefit of collective conversation…to begin to release the stress of the 24/7 assault on us by the system of racism/white supremacy…the tools of Black global cultural genocide.

    It’s words that got us into to this state of depression…1st, the words of the white god via European colonialist religion…missionaries sent to Africa; 2nd the words of colonial European educators that persist to the present via today’s desegregated schools ; and, now, it’s compounded by the words & images of new-colonial European media that entrap us, people of color.

    It’s European words…lies…that got us into this situation…it’s African words…truth… that will get us out.

    Barbara Sizemore’s Youtube video says it clearly, Blacks Still Don’t Get It. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=10QlAw_JtjA

    Point, it’s words that will get us out of this…words via our personal, individual stories, in particular…then the words of our 3 million year history…that will save us.

    We’ve go to start talking…in person, face-to-face to releave the depression, stymies thoughts of suicide, & creates a new community that replaces loneliness with the safe space of a village…a 12 ‘recover from white male patriarchal thinking’ meeting.

    3 people constitutes a meeting…a safe place to talk / share / vent our feelings, learn our Matriarchal culture, and practice new ways of thinking, feeling, knowing.

    We need to talk this shit out…out of the depths of our essence.

    &, It’s free.

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    1. Ms. Jackie, this response is worth a post on its own. I truly appreciate you chiming in.

      Conversations would benefit us very much, but many are not even willing to be honest that there are systemic problems so deeply imbedded in our ways of life, our thought processes. Nonetheless, you are absolutely right. Things will change when we take hold of our own thoughts and start thinking collectively.


  2. Wow on every level. These are stats I’m familiar with as a Suicide Prevention Advocate…but the power behind the pen on this piece….profound is an understatement. Thank you for sharing Sis. I value you so💫e

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