a lesson on black hair


Black hair is a cosmic wire that spirals like the number 9 and 6. When you look at the shape of the 9 and 6, see it as representing a logarithmic spiral; the golden spiral or the Φ (Phi): the golden ratio. Our hair spirals like the galaxies and expands outwards like the expansion of the stars. We’re the only ones in the world whose crown chakra is a conceptual model of the universe. Why does it matter? Because it means we are closer to nature and can evaluate the world from this perspective. –@chromosomal_adam

photo cred: Pinterest, no copyright infringement intended

9 thoughts on “a lesson on black hair

  1. I really do believe that we (and everyone who is not white) are actually closer to nature for some reason. I’ve thought this for a long time, mainly because it seems (and I hate to stereotype) that Euros are bent on destroying the earth in some form or another. Anywho, the hair thing resonated with what I already believe lol 😉

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