The Power of Resting Bitch Face (a reblog)

The walk from my apartment in Washington Heights to my junior high school was no longer than 15 minutes. Yet, every morning I would have to go to the building across from me and wait for this tardy girl so that I could walk to school with her. I don’t remember having any conversations with […]

I could not have said it better myself. I prefer the term resting broad face, but that’s neither here nor there.. I’m just sayin, unless you have a genuine smile to offer me first, (verbally) telling me to smile is not going to move me to do so.

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9 thoughts on “The Power of Resting Bitch Face (a reblog)

  1. This article was spot on! Sometimes I comply when I’m caught off guard. At the same time, how do you know i didn’t just receive bad news and i’m trying to process it? How do you know i didn’t just get all my wisdom teeth pulled and the medicine wore off so now my mouth hurts? How do you know i don’t have a millions thing to do and trying to figure out how i’m going to get them done in my head? I don’t like when people barge they’re way into my personal space…even worse…my emotional space. How ’bout you mind your business and keep walking, sir. Thanks!

    Heeeeeey, Kellz! 🙂

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    1. Zactly. I don’t get it or why or who even started this nonsense. Why would you want someone you don’t know to smile? Even if you do know them, why not give them a reason to smile instead of requesting one, right. So stupid.

      I’ve had a stranger tell me a joke and it made me laugh, and he says “I just wanted to make you smile.” THAT is more like it!
      And HEY, Ta$h! So nice to see your face in the place 😚

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  2. The security guard at my job is constantly telling me to smile and it gets under my skin! It irritates me the most because a man would never go around telling other men to smile so why is it that they expect a woman to have a smile plastered on her face 24/7? It’s foolishness. One day I got my revenge when a customer overheard him telling me to smile and she told me “You don’t have to smile if you don’t want to. Don’t listen to him” and it made me so happy because she too felt my pain lol RBF for LIFE!

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    1. If the sex of who’s being told to smile was reversed is such a good point! No dude is telling another dude to smile, bruh.

      And I’m RBF life too, sis. I can’t help it. Don’t want to. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  3. Am get tired of a putting a plastic smile at work. People come to my work place carrying stress from their work and bringing them to me 😌. Am like I am working too so why don’t we respect each other, it’s not my fault you had a bad day. So am not going to give you a smile as simple as that 🤷

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