week 11

Black White Girl Sitting On Chair Doing Study Work Clipart

Pro-tip: Don’t let the toxic mixture of fear and laziness fuck with your goals, ambition and productivity. -unknown

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11 thoughts on “week 11

      1. Let’s change the phrase a little, Kellz. “Going through it” sounds like I’m having a rough time…when I’m really not. Let’s say, “I’m hitting it hard”. LOL. I was JUST talking to Shamica about going underground. I realize I have to let my friends know that I’m going to disappear instead of just disappearing without warning (it’s the introvert in me). It’s more than me going underground to focus, but also to protect my energy, and rid myself of what sounds like a million voices. I hope I’m making sense to you. But yeah girl, I had to duck out and FOCUS. I appreciate your encouragement, Kellz. For real.

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