Liebster me… again!

Did I say I was done with these things? Yes, yes I did. BUT my participation was requested by Kal of kalifornicationx, and I just couldn’t say no. Thank you, Kal! Please check out his blog; I enjoy his moody satire and no holds barred style. Warning: Kal’s blog is not for the faint of heart or those who think their shit doesn’t stink.

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Anywho, I am always humbled, honored and a little surprised to be nominated for anything cool. If you can recall, the Liebster is a blogging “award” to introduce yourself to new subscribers and to just get to know your favorite bloggers. Basically a way to spill tea and be nosey that’s disguised as love and admiration. But really, I enjoy getting to know you ALL and appreciate being nominated.

I’m going against the rules again, so instead of specifying 5-10 bloggers to participate, I nominate YOU. I’d love for you to answer the questions below in the comments or just make a Liebster post of your own 🙂

To answer Kal’s Questions though..

What’s your favourite movie? I like many movies, but if it has to be one, I’d say Jurassic Park. It still gets to me. Every time. From childhood, I haven’t tired of it.
What are your hobbies? Up to 3. drawing, reading and listening to music
Why do you blog? I have a lot of thoughts that feel way better getting out than clogging up my brain. I articulate myself best through writing. I like sharing, engaging and educating people that I may never reach in “real life”.
Thoughts on the thigh brow – yay or nay? uhmmm… Yay! It’s hot. I can see why guys like it. 
Favourite food? baked sweet potatoes
What’s your fantasy? Interpret that as you will. my selfless fantasy: everyone that wishes to reside in a home can (and does). Everyone that’s hungry can eat. My imprisoned brothers and sisters are freed–physically, mentally and spiritually.
my selfish fantasy: traveling to every country within the motherland via private jet for free, residing in a beachfront home in Zanzibar with a big, wraparound porch where I can watch the daily sunset and wear summer clothes year-round; underwear and shoes are optional and I have zero dependency on money
Favourite drink? Preferably alcoholic. I’ll take a Buttery Nipple after a fancy dinner.. cuz I’m fancy.
First thing that comes to mind when you wake up in the morning? Dang, what time is it??! Then, usually, what I need to accomplish before I go to bed.
Stuck on an island, you can & have to take one person with you – who? I don’t mind. Firstly, this island better be warm. I’d have to take my friend who has great camping and survival skills so I don’t die.
How would you describe yourself in three words? Explanation as to why. Logical.. because I’d like to think I do things with logic. I can go in on why people can’t explain why they do what they do. Creative because I enjoy creating and believe that I do creative things differently than anyone I know–things that are purely me. And funny because I can laugh at myself and find the humor in almost all situations. It’s a defense mechanism, so they say.
Funniest thing you’ve done under the influence of alcohol or through the influence of bad company? I was barely into adulthood, so don’t judge me: A friend of mine (read: bad company) got us a cab after she got me disgustingly drunk during a night of bar hopping. I was sitting on the ground OUTSIDE IN HOLLYWOOD waiting for said cab, y’all! If you’ve ever been, then you know it is a nasty nasty place. Even though I was like in and out, half dead, incoherent, I remember the driver being rude because I wasn’t responding (the liquor took my voice, I guess?), he thought I was gonna puke his cab, he wanted his money before he delivered us to our destination and my friend wasn’t understanding him. (She’s deaf and unless she’s on the phone with you, she mostly reads lips.) But somehow I told him “no tip for you, bitch!” at our stop and we skedaddled. Keep in mind I don’t name call, especially the B word! It wasn’t funny at the time because my patience, even under the influence, does not accept unwarranted rudeness too well, especially to people with impairments. But when I sobered up and told her the story, we cried from laughing, over and over and over.

Thanks for reading, y’all! As mentioned, I nominate you! Feel free to answer in the comments or create your own Liebster Award acceptance post on your blog; I’d love to laugh at read your answers!


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