savvylifemagazine.jpgblack men and black women must
remind each other how beautiful,
necessary and valuable we are in
the context of each other

image source; no copyright infringement intended


8 thoughts on “necessities

  1. A lot of our black men today are playing with the other side. SMH!
    Our people have fallen so hard for the trap. And really fell for that “Love is Love” nonsense! FOOH! The necessary and valuable to each other is being fizzled out slowly but surely as we become more and more Europeanized/ Colonized.
    The post is true but the opposite is happening with the majority. I’m not even trying to be negative either. Just what I witness going on and how I see people following these so-called celebrities (agents) who get involved with them, making it look like it’s ok to do.

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    1. I’ve definitely noticed an influx in interracial and homosexual “promotion” in media. So I understand what you mean. There is not necessarily anything wrong with these lifestyles, but they are not the true African way; it’s not in our nature to behave this way, historically. We have strayed so far from our roots, always striving to be more euro-like and accepted by them-do as they do. And it’s sad that we define it as evolving instead of cultural suicide.


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