Generation Z (a repost)

The art of conversation lost in a digital generation
We sit in silence eyes glued to screens
Ignoring those begging to be seen
Whatever happened to deep convos getting lost in theories and ideas
Meaningful words connecting energetically lingering stares
Nowadays It’s all so rare
-Dionne MT- Breathe Think Write Release

A word via Generation Z — Breathe Think Write Release

7 thoughts on “Generation Z (a repost)

  1. Can we please get back to meaningful conversations? It always amazes me to see families sitting down for dinner and no one is talking! Everyone is on their devices. I’ll take stimulating conversation over devices any day!

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  2. Everywhere I go, I try to make it known just what people are doing. I point out the fact that everyone is with head bent over a phone. No one even knows who is around them because much of the time, they are so wrapped up in what is on that screen, they cannot even focus on their surroundings. This is truly sad. Someone studied the human psyche well in order to get billions of people hooked on something to the point where they literally think they cannot live without their devices of distraction. When people do talk, they are talking to devices in their home that someone decided to label, ‘personal assistants’. Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri are literally used for conversation in many peoples’ homes. Now how sick and twisted is that? Add to the fact that these ‘personal assistants’ are listening and recording what people say even when they have not directed a question at these devices. People are just too gullible for words!

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    1. Yes, it’s disgusting how dependent people have become. And to actually WANT and PAY FOR invasive devices like Google Home is just stupid! Really, what is the point? Unless you’re blind with poor short-term memory, live alone AND have no family/friends, devices like these are unnecessary. But they have the masses fooled, because if it’s available for purchase, it’s something we just must have, right?

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      1. By the people who don’t think for themselves and who will just conform, I would say that to them it’s right. Hardly anyone is using that grey matter between their ears anymore since a ‘smartphone’ has now replaced the human brain.

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