week 23

Although I like this video and find it informative, it speaks on why we process our emotions in the ways we do instead of how to, like the title suggests. I look at it like:

  • Know when to suck it up. Pick your battles wisely!
  • Know when to suck it up and discuss at a better time when you’re not in your feelings (or in public). And don’t wait until the next “battle” to bring it back up!
  • Learn how to express yourself. For me, I HAVE to calm down or shots will be fired. And not too many people react positively to anger, right?
  • Recognize when you feel out of control, when your emotions have taken the wheel. Make lists. Take a moment. Learn and utilize calming activities, such as breathing, walking away or journaling. Exercise. You can’t always control your emotions, but you CAN learn how to stay in control of them.
  • Ask yourself if this shit will matter in a few days or weeks. Really ask yourself if it’s worth your energy to dwell or dwell for long.

I think it starts with knowing who you are and who you want to be. More positive? Less reactionary? More selfish (with your precious energy, of course)? Once that’s established, you can create a path to become this improved version. You have to be so honest with your identity and intentional with taking steps to who you’re becoming that people who are uncomfortable with such transparency and change will–as I always say–simply fall away. Bye! This creates trust amongst those who do stick around because you know they will rejoice on your good days and be your shoulder and encourage you on not so good days.

Being real with yourself allows you to be realer with others who embrace your humanness. And I think the only way from there is up. What do you think?

5 thoughts on “week 23

  1. Social skills are so important…yet diminishing with every swipe. Most heads are bent to screens when I commute through the day. I wonder how can you learn how to deal when you rarely connect with people face to face?

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