This documentary is so timely. Not because of the two celebrity suicides last week, but because. A year ago it would have been timely. A decade ago. Four hundred years ago when our ancestors jumped to their deaths instead of existing in bondage.  I think about daily stressors for Black people, (which is a very long list, btw) and how we’re ALL expected to use our superhuman powers: mask our pain, smile, hold the world’s weight and push through.

Every. Fucking. Day.

I thank Kofi and everyone involved for this very necessary documentary. And thanks to A Fiery Spirit for sharing this trailer and her testimony. It’s imperative that we share our own stories and be honest with ourselves so it gives others freedom to do the same. Let’s make this conversation a thing amongst us. Let’s really start listening so there can be healing for those who are close to the edge because sweeping these major issues under the rug is clearly not working.

16 thoughts on “WTFIMH?

  1. “You can’t heal what you don’t reveal”. I have a piece scheduled to post in the a.m. that recants a short conversation between my Mom and I about suicidal thoughts.

    Anything remotely close to providing, directing, and initiating awareness when pertaining to mental health is always timely.

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  2. Rich white people killing themselves; WOW! If they had to endure a thimble full of what we endure every single damn day, then I could almost see feeling the urge to commit suicide and yet, I just read that Black people are the last group of people who are committing suicide. Go figure! Faced with systemic racism, oppression, gentrification, mass incarceration, police brutality, homelessness, poverty, a school-to-prison pipeline, drug addiction, gangs and violence in our neighborhoods, gang turf wars and the list is endless, you would think that we’d be the group most associated with suicides and yet, we are the last.

    But yet, let some rich whites ‘off’ themselves and it’s “Mental Health Awareness Time Folks!” For the love of !!!!

    Thanks for posting this Kelley!

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    1. Right! And I don’t care about sounding insensitive, but these people had resources. Even if they felt alone, someone would listen if they reached out. And even if they didn’t, they had the money to seek counsel.
      And we are a truly resilient people. We go through everything they do and then some and then some! I can use all my fingers and toes to tick off ways they’ve tried to OFF us and we are still here! There would be no white people left if our roles were reversed; they can’t handle a fraction of what we endure.

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      1. ” There would be no white people left if our roles were reversed; they can’t handle a fraction of what we endure.”

        Hear! Hear! That is SO on point, it ain’t even funny! They get no sympathy from me. Those sad excuses for ‘human beings’ have the world at their feet and still, it is not enough. EVERYTHING is never enough for them. One thing about ‘white people’, they are never happy. Money does not make them happy. They only get their ‘jollies off’ when they are stealing, colonizing or killing others. If I had the kind of money these latest suicide assholes had, suicide would never be on my mind. With so much of the world to see, so much to do, so much help that they could have extended to others with their resources and they chose to ‘suicide’ themselves and we are to feel sorry for them? Hell if I ever will!

        Thanks again Kelley!

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  3. Mental Health is a discussion that needs to happen without punchlines. Forget about embarrassed; think about how can you move forward and live your best self. Shop around for therapists you can trust. No body likes talking about this….so I guess we plan on quietly mourning?


      1. Yep, but even now with the death of Kate Spade; people are like oh, money doesn’t bring happiness. Give me therapy and money and I just might have a happy life.

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  4. Thank you, Kelley! That is an excellent vid!
    I live up the street from the CAMH (Canadian Association for Mental Health) My very urban neighborhood is filled with group homes, trying to help. I see the people, 18 +, escaping to the street, sleeping in the street and literally reaching the end of the street.. All ages, all races, mental health problems are not picky.

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