summer soulstice

12 thoughts on “summer soulstice

      1. Yes I know what you mean. But actually I do think it’s informative. I think Sway was very insulting. There’s nothing wrong with uplifting black women. You have all these rappers degrading and insulting black women. This man does a tribute and Sway is shaming him. Too many of us accept this type of behavior and let it slide. That’s why I believe it should be called out. So in that sense I believe we should inform one another on incorrect behavior.

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        1. Ok I get it. And it definitely needs to be called out. When we women call out Black men, we’re bitter. We’re angry. Delusional. The reasons why they don’t deal with us. It’s disheartening that they think the disrespect is ok, that we should just continue to take it.

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        1. Yea he almost seemed disgusted that non-Black women were “left out” when euro nationalities are the default! I expect that complaining from them, but I’m just disgusted when it comes from “us”. How can we progress if we have ignorance like this as our representative?

          BTW, I saw Sway at the airport once (LAX) and he’s reeeeally short. Might be a complex there.

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