week 32: on reflections + shadows


Some people are using you as a filter for their hidden pain and trauma. You mustn’t be everyone’s mirror. –@nataliethebeliever

The author goes on to describe this behavior as hiding in the shadows of yours until their shadows become your own. I took this as kinda how America operates, how these trendy “movements” use Black bodies as a front when it’s convenient to push their agenda. And, of course, it can be applied to personal relationships; someone who backlashes everything you do is an entire red flag on his own. Those who are stubborn, impenetrable and seemingly emotionless most likely have deep-rooted issues that they believe are too painful to reveal. So what’s easier than smelling your own shit?! (I smell a future post stemming from that question..)

I hope this quote moved you like it moved me, a reminder that you’re in control, that no one can tell you who you are if you truly know yourself. ❤

image source; no copyright infringement intended.



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