week 33

In order to tap into your true potential, you have to let go of fear. The mind is a powerful tool because it allows you to create your own reality just through thoughtsspeakit and feelings. For example, the simply going back to a memory, you are able to trigger emotions and feelings that correlate with that memory, and with just one thought, you’re able to influence the mood or your day—whether it’s positive or negative. Going back to that moment, you start to think where this feeling arises and you can literally think yourself into a bad or good mood. This just proves that our mind is capable of so much more once we are able to master it. You are constantly creating your reality—subconsciously or consciously—through the frequencies you’re emitting. It’s all about how you respond to your thoughts that will determine what you will attract into your life. If you can master your mind, you are able to tap into your true potential/higher self and live life as an observer rather than someone who is simply responding to his environment.

@seekthetruth (with grammar revisions)

Words have power, even the words that stay in your head.
So be mindful.

33 thoughts on “week 33

    1. Man, that’s deep. How? How does one live if not responding to triggers? Or is responding to triggers just life? Triggers and responses are not always negative, right, so where is the harm?

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      1. I think responding to triggers is inevitable, what I fear is responding to them entirely. For example, I have a friend who believes in only pursuing/saying something once I do the same thing. On their own, they probably think of it, but it does not register as necessary till someone else brings it up.

        I feel like he should have a more active role in things as opposed to waiting for someone to trigger that part of his cognitive senses.

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  1. Timely post. Now that I’m retired I’m actively seeking a Black woman therapist in her late fifties who can help me forget the last ten years of my life so that I can move on.
    I know in the past that you had published a list of Black women therapists so if you can send me the list I’d much appreciated. My email is deborah.palmer280@gmail.com

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      1. I prefer that the doctor suggest or implement ways for me to erase and forget so I can sleep nights. Thank God I’m not married nor do I have children and that I’m retired. At least I’m not transferring my suffering to other people.

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          1. I don’t believe in blaming others for my misfortune. Good and bad happens to all. Anyway playing the blame game won’t help me or anyone else. Best to search for solutions.


          2. None of these over priced private therapists take insurance. Obviously being on a fixed income I don’t have hundreds of dollars to pay them. Once they hear that you don’t have money they are not interested in seeing you. Lessons learned. No more wasting time with therapists.


          3. So out of four people, you’re over trying that route? I think you’ve mentioned you go to church? Surely someone can help you there if you’re still open to it.

            Again, good luck to you!


          4. I don’t go to church on a regular basis. I will be fine. My decision is not understandable to others but I have my reasons. This is not the route for me. I can live with my choice.


          5. Actually I feel better now than when I first posted. I’m still functioning and able to live my life. As for church I only go a few times a year. I’m sorry to have upset you and the other young man but I can’t see myself spending my free time in doctors offices when I can use that time to paint, write and do my photography.
            Also I was in therapy for years as well as being hospitalized. Instead of getting better I got worse. I’m going to focus on my creativity.


          1. Out of four doctors only one got back to me and I can’t afford the high cost nor do they take insurance.
            I’ve lived with my problems most of my adult life so I can survive and learn to live with them for the rest of my life. I won’t be making any more phone calls to over priced private therapists.

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  2. Well not speaking on your past and what’s bothering you would be counterproductive to counseling or therapy.
    I’m still going through that Black therapist list but most of the therapists are for working people who can pay out of pocket. They don’t take insurance nor do they cater to older retirees like myself who are on fixed income.

    I don’t own a TV or a computer anymore because of financial struggles plus I’m not doing well physically. These doctors assume that you can easily access transportation, fill out forms or that you have a family member or husband to help you. If you are alone trying to cope with encroaching physical disabilities how do they expect you to get help?

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