Black Every Friday: BLK + GRN


Happy Friday, fam! How are you?? I know I’ve been reposting a lot.. but, tis life. Deal with it. But really, summer has put so much life into me—keeping me productive and progressive—yet I do hope fall will let me recoup completely so I’ll have the energy to share more of my personally written, fleshed out thoughts and poetry. Question is, can you wait that long??bng4Anywho, like all great discoveries in life, I discovered BLK + GRN on instagram. They call it an all natural marketplace by all Black artisans. It’s a Black owned and operated site for all things delicious and healthy and magical for our hair, skin, body and environment. There is everything from toothpaste and make up to dryer balls and candles. So basically, if we had our own beauty slash health slash environmentally friendly aisle in a drugstore with just things for us.. made by us, it’d be BLK + GRN.

Thinking back on a previous Black Every Friday post, I find BLK + GRN especially dope because I remember a reader commenting that she can’t support Black owned because she doesn’t live in or near a Chocolate City like Atlanta. BLK + GRN makes it simple to source and purchase no matter where you are. Many of these featured brands have full product lineups on their respective sites, but BLK + GRN gives a discount to subscribers and shipping is free when you spend $50. The extra beauty of it: you can support a handful of Black artisans with ease on one site. See, the internet does a few things right! Aaaaand BLK + GRN has a never list, the toxic 20 ingredients that none of the products they sell contain. This takes out the guesswork of if it’s healthy/healthier. Cool, right??!?

All in all, I love this idea. You know we love to spend money frivolously, but almost everything on this site are items we actually need and use regularly—like sugar scrub, menstrual pads and face wash. We already have We Buy Black and marketplaces like The Village Market for any and e v e r y thing and now we have BLK + GRN—a teeny tiny Amazon solely for green product purchasing from our brothers and sisters for personal care, wellness and good vibes.

Instead of complaining or trying to infiltrate, we continuously make a way.

Happy shopping! 💚

photo found on Pinterest; no copyright infringement intended

4 thoughts on “Black Every Friday: BLK + GRN

  1. “summer has put so much life into me—keeping me productive and progressive—”

    Summer has the opposite effect on me, always has. I have always hated summer because of the oppressive heat and because I have never been a fan of outdoors. Insects, heat, crowds, etc., annoy me.

    But I do want to thank you for introducing to us a way to keep our money in the Black community. Two thumbs up!

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    1. I understand! I’m in Georgia and these bugs and humidity can get outta hand! But the great has definitely outweighed the not so great.

      Small efforts can make big shifts, right. We can never have too many spaces to call our own. Thanks for reading!


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