My Cup of Tea

How sweet is this?! My goodness. Donate to help with their medical expenses if you feel so moved. Thanks for sharing their story and expounding on what true love looks like, Jay. This gave me all the feels.


13 thoughts on “My Cup of Tea

  1. I have tears in my eyes. This is indeed, what true love looks like. I certainly hope she gets better and can leave the hospital and be by her husband’s side every single day, at home.

    Thank you for sharing this with us Kelley!

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  2. I saw the story online. This is how true love should be in the first place. It’s not only about compromise but sacrifice. He was grateful for what she given him, kids, words of encouragement, being in good times as well as bad times. He is paying her in kindness and in love. It is sad that guys (I don’t call them men) these days doesn’t respect, cherish and even value women like yesteryear. It’s a love story that should be able to make a movie about it.

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