Why we should support Black self-care even when its not costly therapy — RaceBaitR (a repost)

By Tynesha M. McCullers Just a few weeks ago, singer/songwriter, Michelle Williams, posted on Instagram that she had taken her own advice and sought out mental health professionals for her well-being. With Williams’ most recent revelation came an outpouring of love, support, prayers, and appreciation from family, friends, and fans alike. This type of support…

via Why we should support Black self-care even when its not costly therapy — RaceBaitR

13 thoughts on “Why we should support Black self-care even when its not costly therapy — RaceBaitR (a repost)

  1. If at all possible, Black people should try and see a Black psychiatrist or therapist because when we see a white psychiatrist or therapist, that is the equivalent of asking our enemy for help and with ALL that is going down, white psychiatrists and therapists are not going to do Black people any good. Black people are leaving the offices of white psychiatrists and therapists loaded down with toxic drugs that are deliberately encouraged to ‘zombify’ them while destroying their physical health and deteriorate their mental health even further.

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      1. Whites are the reason we have mental health issues because if we were not bombarded with racism, prejudice, bigotry, hatred; the whole nine yards, we wouldn’t have to be seeing a shrink. I refuse to go to my enemy expecting to receive help when the only thing we are getting from them is the need to seek help. To hell with them!

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  2. I wanted to comment on the original but you had to be logged into Facebook. But I completely agree with the whole post except th comment about sex. I don’t know her thoughts on it but “a lot of sex” with who, how many people or just that special someone. Sex can lead to more depression because it is the transfer of energies and souls. If you’re not careful you can end up with a bad spirit on you. But all in all we definitely need to cut out all this crap social media and retune our minds to being intune with being intune.

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    1. I agree that we should be very selective on who we allow into our space. Many people are misidentifying lust with love and getting all the way jacked up when they are shown the exact opposite.

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        1. To men, love is lust for a loooooong while. It’s being physically/sexually attracted to a woman. I think eventually it includes love: he is allowed to be a man and take care of her, teach her and she looks up to him to lead. He’s allowed to be a masculine man.

          For women, love is being cared for by a man who shows her (with his actions) that he is trustworthy to lead her. In love, she feels protected and cared for and is allowed to be a feminine woman.
          So they give each other peace and permission to flourish as individuals and as a couple.

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