week 45


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7 thoughts on “week 45

  1. I think I understand but not sure if I truly comprehend. Because tho it’s the past. Someone’s past decisions brought me headaches. Yeah people say the past is the past but it makes me look at you like really. You have that type of decision making within your DNA. Idk if we’re meant to be around each other. The type of decision disgust me. Call me judgmental if you like. But that’s silly. Because everybody judges everybody. Or else no-one would know people who they like and don’t like. We would all be the same. If that makes sense. You have friends because you have judged that their character is something you like.


    1. All I got from this quote I posted was that you can choose to worry about the past which you cannot change. You can worry about the future, which you also cannot change or predict. Or you can enjoy the now and end your worrying.

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