Let Us Be





Including you, Black Girl.
There are many days when the world doesn’t allow us to be, but I cherish the ones when we can return to our instincts, to freely exude our natural femininity and let others bask in it.

Imagine more days like that ❤

I do not own the rights to these images; no copyright infringement intended.

9 thoughts on “Let Us Be

  1. I have been moving towards that goal since I retired in August. Finally I was able to throw off the tough woman persona. The fight or flight response was turning me into a person I didn’t like. Early retirement was my best decision for 2018. My pension is not as much but staying in a toxic environment is not worth a few extra dollars. I’ve been trusting God to meet my financial Needs and the Lord has always come through. Now I focus on my Photography, art and writing. In fact I’ve been in several art shows since October both in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Art and Photography allow me to get the accumulated poison out of my system. I’m enjoying spending time with my brother Stephen and attending church. Balance has returned to my life.

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  2. Honestly sis! There are so many labels attached to us these days, some of which apply and some of which don’t. We have the same skin colour but we’re not all the same. That’s what makes us human. We need to allow ourselves to be ourselves first and foremost and the world will follow suit. Xx

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