week four

Like beauty, success is measured by the individual. Personally, it means living life on your terms despite what anyone else thinks. This is not to say you don’t consider others’ feelings, but you don’t let them block you from your goals and joys. Success is knowing yourself and making the best of what you have. It’s freedom. Success looks like you finding your sweet spot, recognizing that you’re in a good place and having a presence that impacts others for the better.

Thank you for responding to last week’s post; I agree with all of your definitions of success. Now I beg the question: are you successful? For those of you who didn’t explicitly explain in your response, is there an elusive success mountaintop you reach where you can finally say ahhhh.. I made it? Or do tiny achievements equate a successful life?

And for extra credit, what do you see when you look at someone you’d describe as successful?

11 thoughts on “week four

  1. For me the Joy is in the Journey not racing towards a specific destination. Now I know that sounds corny for me each decade of my life has allowed me New opportunities. Some of which were unexpected but brought fulfillment in various areas. In certain cases I’ve come full circle benefiting from my personal Road trip even the detours, potholes and speed bumps.

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  2. I remember one day I was attending a meeting at my brother Stephen Training Center. So the Managers, Directors and Teachers asked Stephen, What would he like more of. Ready with his answer Stephen said, More Fun.
    Stephen is an Autism guy who has his priorities in order. Wisdom.

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  3. When think of someone as successful, I see someone who has been consistently building and rebuilding themselves. Success is indeed a journey compiled of many smaller achievements along the way. Each achievement in its own way being an “ahhhh.. I made it!” I like to know I am successful, because giving up on my vision and happily-ever-after story is not an option. If you get up each day and do something that even slowly, but surely enhances your living, your vision for the future or what have you—I feel you are successful. ♥ Great motivation Queen!!!

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