week twelve

When you dim your light to make others comfortable, who (if anyone) benefits?

There is a difference between bragging and inspiring and it’s usually who’s listening. Sometimes being yourself and living your life on your own terms makes others squirm. Why would you want to be around someone who is most comfortable when you are the least semblance of yourself? And when did it become our responsibility to pacify those who are scared of their own freedom?

21 thoughts on “week twelve

  1. I think at times I calm down due to my discernment. Tho you may shine bright and for a just cause at that. It can still incite jealousy and hate within others.
    But even when I think about it, is that a good enough reason to calm down??

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    1. Right. I think the goal is to be consistently surrounded by those who are open to your wisdom and those that inspire you. A balanced exchange.

      Keep those that don’t want to get it at a comfortable distance.

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