week thirteen: Put The Idols Down… (a repost)— Nickkie&Co.



I was just having a conversation about people vying for attention and longing for connections, but instead of building and maintaining real, in-the-flesh relationships, they opt for more followers. More accounts to subscribe to. More thumbs ups, stars and hearts. “Social” media has created a virtual reality, a false sense of connectivity and the constant, unnatural desire for validation.

Social media is the reason why I haven’t finished the two books I’ve been reading since December! I live a lot of my life outside of the screen and I have chosen this week to slow down, but I neeeeeeeeeeded this reminder. 

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We entertain all the things in life other than the things that matter. Today, we need to start to making an effort to take breaks from the distractions and focus on the things that truly matter…






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10 thoughts on “week thirteen: Put The Idols Down… (a repost)— Nickkie&Co.

  1. A larger part of society has fallen prey to this social currency system of “I was there when it happened” so I’m better or “I took a picture with A.B.C” so I’m better of.

    the best example of how detrimental this whole thing is is the FYRE festival. The more ingrained you are in the system of artificial connectivity the more likely you are to get scammed by the simplest of cons.

    People say this all the time but I think is understated. The internet is a dangerous place (though admittedly useful). You have people creating false realities with doctored selfies and background settings. e.g in Moscow upcoming models pay sums to have their pictures taken on grounded Private jets. It’s the idea of selling an “experience”, presenting a reality that showcases a particular lifestyle that isn’t real to everyone else.

    Lol staying away from social networks that give you no value as a human being is probably a sound strategy, but what do I know haha

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    1. Yea, what do you know? Clearly you know the truth! You know how to navigate and use the internet to your advantage. AND you can see through the BS.

      I just think how different I might think if I was a teenager or in my early 20s right now with technology and AI “advancing” so rapidly. I also wonder how I’ll parent my kids with sex dripping all over everything! It’s just too much! People are sucked all the way in and some won’t be able to get out.
      Thanks for your spot on comment!


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