week sixteen

My mom used to tell me “sorry is a sorry word”, meaning don’t tell me, show me you’re sorry and don’t so that shit again!. That stuck with me. 

One thing I despise is the hackneyed term “sorry”. It’s used when another patron and I reach for the same item at the store. I’ve heard it when someone is sneezing up a storm in this pollen. Sorry is uttered when there’s a difference of opinion. I hear it so much when I don’t think it’s felt or warranted. It’s a cop out!

Why and When I’m Sorry works: As humans, we are entitled to a slip up. Not constantly, of course, but especially when you’re growing, building and doing new things outside of your comfort zone, blunders are pretty much a rite of passage. And you live to tell the story of how you got knocked down and got up again. (A lot of people don’t get up, btw, so let’s celebrate your perseverance!) Handing out apologies when apologies are due along with a Hey, I’m new at _______ or That was not my intention. How can I make it right? goes SO far in business and in life! It lets the recipient know you’re open to constructive criticism, suggestions and learning. Win win win win!

When I’m Sorry Don’t Mean Shit: Like I said, it’s a cop out! An easy alternate exit to avoid explaining yourself and addressing the issue. And to shut people up. Quick. If you’re apologizing for every triviality or garrulous with your explanation to why blank happened, an apology loses its effectiveness; I think you’re either lying oooooor you’re kind of a perfectionist. Maybe both? If you keep doing said mistake, it appears more like your character, not an anomaly. Aaaaand it’s annoying af.

Take into consideration why you’re apologizing. If the roles were reversed, would you say the situation warranted an apology? Or a mere explantation? All I’m saying: it’s unnecessary to apologize for things that are out of your control. Don’t apologize for the weather. Don’t apologize for the traffic. Don’t apologize for being human. Yes, sometimes an I’m sorry is all it takes, but should never be a knee-jerk response to every oversight or mishap. Say it with reason or don’t utter it at all.

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