week seventeen


I think the only reason someone is jealous is because she has failed to create a fulfilling life. She thinks of and views herself in a state of lack. Anyone doing “it” or having “it” is competition instead of inspiration, a rival instead of a teacher. Healthy admiration is normal; being unpleasant toward someone because she seemingly has it better than you is not.

At a certain age, being petty is called being miserable. -not my quote

What do you think? How do you eliminate jealous or envious thoughts?

14 thoughts on “week seventeen

  1. Honestly I don’t have those thoughts. Even when I was young I didn’t engage in jealousy or envy. It’s a waste of time.
    I concentrate on what God has for me. I focus on my pathway.

    There’s truth to the saying, All that Glitters is not gold.

    The most beautiful, successful, rich women can appear to have it all and in the next instance commit suicide. We have all seen and read about the Person who had it all killing themselves.

    You never know what misery that person is carrying on the inside.

    I’ve learned to be content. Makes for a more well adjusted balanced life.

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    1. Exactly! What’s for you is for you!
      Like with so much these days, I blame social media. And young, impressionable minds are just eating it up instead of focusing on self. Focusing on yourself, being thankful for what you have and finding that balanced life you spoke of is the real glitter. And there would be no need to plaster that across the internet to prove it.

      Thanks for your feedback ❤︎

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      1. Well from my observations Facebook is really Fakebook. I’m also glad that Social media didn’t exist in the 1970s or 1980s. Of course jealousy and envy were around but women couldn’t spread their issues worldwide like nowadays.

        I see the negative effects of social media on the younger generation to the point where young women post videos of fighting and violence.

        From what I’ve been reading this Generation will be the first to Not outlive previous generations. Scary. Too much focus on material things plus fake phony relationships.

        Social media can be used for positive uplifting inspiration but it seems like the demons have taken over.

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        1. I agree. Many are using social media in the worst way. What are they trying to prove to strangers?!
          I am noticing many people my age and older are looking younger and healthier than those in their twenties or late teens! And I am not sure if I fall into this category, but I believe what you read about this generation not outliving their parents.

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          1. Its a variety of factors but social media does play a part. Technology is supposed to advance People. Bring them to a higher level but unfortunately negative usage is getting the upper hand. Technology is using humans instead of the opposite.

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  2. Don’t feel jealous much. Really! Maybe because I’m not on social media much. Maybe because I truly like to see other people win. Maybe I just don’t know better, but I do believe it’s true that what is for you is for you and I seem to be happy with that.

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    1. I believe you! This post stemmed from a conversation with a friend about her nasty co-worker. I just think something rotten must be festering within yourself to behave in a jealous manner. Getting along or just walking away is so much easier and better for your health!

      Thanks so much for tuning in and sharing your thoughts.

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  3. I eliminate envy by knowing what’s for me is for me. The clock will always fall on my time when it is supposed to. I am not in competition with anyone but myself always. ··· when this is understood, envy is a foreign language & being genuinely happy for someone else will come easy. ♥️

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    1. I completely agree, Nickkie! Seeing someone else win is a good feeling! And if you’re right within and fulfilled with some sense of purpose, you’ll have no time to dwell on what someone else has.

      Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts!

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