Fake Luxury

I’ve never spent more than $100 on a pair of shoes before so I find this so ridiculous! Yet funny. Funny because who said it’s luxury? What makes a brand or an item luxurious?Granted, some things are made with better materials and style, buuuuuttt there are stores (including Payless!) and brands that are affordable (to me) that provide quality and last me years, yet aren’t considered luxury. PLUS, I learned about trickle down economics in college, so if you’re thrifty but looking to follow a trend, it’s best to just wait until it hits discount stores; sometimes it’d take a trained eye to tell the subtle differences between Balenciaga and, say, Bootleg.

There are some things I don’t mind splurging on— like skincare and dentist visits. But shoes? $400?! Why? Give me one good reason. What do you think of this experiement? Have you ever been complimented on your Payless shoes and people were surprised by where you’d purchased them? If so-called industry insiders couldn’t tell they were low budget and were willing to pay the price for what they thought was luxury, is there really a difference?








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22 thoughts on “Fake Luxury

  1. There’s probably not much of a difference between “luxury” items and items that are just as good, but cheaper. I think “luxury” is a word that was created to make people think they’re getting something of a better value just because it costs more money, but really all they did was swindle you out of extra unnecessary money. Thus putting more money into their pockets.


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    1. Right. I have to agree. When my uncle told me (decades ago) that some Lexus and Toyota models were the same (same engine), I was convinced that everything that glitters ain’t expensive. If we’re not being swindled one way, it’s the other.

      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!

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  2. So many things I would do with the other $300. Concert and a nice meal, spa day, more flowers and shrubs for my yard, groceries! My cutest shoes come from Nordstrom Rack, rarely over $100. Marketing keeps folks broke!

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    1. SO many other things, right?! $300 can get you a seat from where I am to Cuba and back! It is nuts where some people place their values.


  3. No, not shoes. But I was wearing a nice shirt I bought from Walmart and I got lots of compliments. People thought it came from a high end store. I’ll buy from wherever I find something I like. I’ve gotten nice jeans from Walmart too. Luxury to me is all about how you feel when you wear it. If you feel luxurious, then what you wear is a luxury item.

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  4. Haha, I bought a pair of brown suede looking boots from DD’s (they get ROSS’s leftovers). So cute. The first time I saw a DD’s I thought they were just a cheap store so I would not go in. But then my daughter started showing up with all these cute clothes she bought at DD’s. Now I find clothes that fit (both my body and my budget) and then there’s their clearance rack. My daughter loves my boots.

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    1. That is awesome! We ladies can buy clothes from just about anywhere really, and they will be in style and fit well! A price tag does not define the level of quality.

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  5. I bought my ex 4 pair of shoes. Showed some people a picture of the shoes and asked them how much I spent. I got anywhere from $100 to $300. Meanwhile, I only spent $32 not on each but combined. People are really silly these days.

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