week nineteen


I love us. So much. I am a cheerleader of many great women (in “real” life and digitally) and truly desire to see us win. If you and your circles are not exchanging love, patience, empathy, ideas, honesty, support, laughter, encouragement and overall beautiful, positive energy, you, my sister, are sitting with the wrong crowd. I mean, if you find that you just can not be loving and supportive to your fellow woman in need, why am I in her presence? or why am I moved to project or dismiss her instead of protect her? are questions to be asked. A little g-checkin’ should be in order.

We fight enough societal battles to not—at the very least—be tender with ourselves. Naturally, self-love and acceptance will easily allow us to be pleasant toward one another. Being sisterly and cultivating tribes and villages are innate aspects of womanhood. Some of us don’t deserve the good side of each other, sure. Buuuutt some of us are missing out on life changing conversations and bomb friendships by holding each other in contempt instead of respect.


9 thoughts on “week nineteen

  1. Unfortunately some women are consumed by bitterness and hate. Why I don’t know nor is it my job to find out. I used to work with a woman who sank into bitterness. At first I would listen to her vent. I thought that I was being supportive. Then her vitriol was directed towards me. One day she insulted me so badly in front of another coworker that I had to be held back from punching her in the face. Fortunately for everyone She found another job. We are all glad that she’s gone.
    Yet she had the nerve to email and call me. I didn’t answer because I don’t want to be drawn into her nasty swamp mind.
    Thankfully I’m a Loner. I’m not one for female friendships and I don’t share my problems. In fact I can count the number of female friends on one hand or rather half a hand.

    From 2008 to 2018 I had a series of strokes, eye surgery and was hospitalized several times. Other than my bosses I never divulged my Needs.

    I rarely ask for help. Over the years I learned to take care of myself and keep my health issues to myself. Poor health and lack of finances break up friendships quickly.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your testimony.
      I, too, am a loner. And we have the same amount of true friends. We are an island unto ourselves, really, but if we can’t even be peaceful around each other, there is no reason to stay in that space.

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  2. I work with teens and middle schoolers and sometimes saddened by how they treat each other; often wondering why this behavior starts so early within girl/women circles. But you’re completely right. We could accomplish so much more if we decided to shine our light together.

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    1. Right! Bless you. I was teased a lot and never thought to tease back until parents (aunt and uncle too) suggested so. Not only are kids teasing each other, but before that, they’re also taught/shown that something isn’t right within themselves and projection is a way to cope.

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