HER.: an art share


Her story. Her passion. Her voice. Her ART. A group show featuring the art of Black female artists who are staying tried and true to their styles and perspectives as the art world gradually learns that HER voice matters. There are blatant limitations for Black female artists including, but not limited to being told to “soften” their art in order to appeal to a base that can be clueless to the ideals of its origin and other times it’s the lack of opportunities that hinder growth and visibility.

This exhibition offers a place for Black female artists to showcase their work, being embraced without transgressions of societal standards. Black female professional artists will be the new norm, establishing themselves in the contemporary art world. -curtesy of Zucot Gallery; no copyright infringement intended.


artists: Marryam Moma Georgette Baker Charlotte Riley Webb Grace Kisa LaToya Hobbs Tiffany Charesse Yoyo Lander


I’m ever-inspired by creatives; there is always an exhibit, concert or some sort of artistic expression being had in this city. Getting to know some of the artists (and taking two on as mentors) has helped me better articulate why I’m not showing at these places! YOU should be here! is what I keep hearing and I am working on it, y’all. You know who you are; thank you for always being so encouraging, supportive and present.


To my fellow artists (writers, designers, producers, crafters, teachers, chefs, musicians, decorators, painters, etc), how do you push through creative ruts? When nothing comes to you, what do you do? And even if ideas do come, how do handle when nothing seems to feel right or complete? Do you take it as a sign to enjoy the break? 


12 thoughts on “HER.: an art share

  1. Wow, amazing art. Would love to visit and see them in person.

    I usually enjoy the break but come right back at it. I took a year or more off before starting to write again last month. The heart wasn’t in it, but glad to be back doing what I love. God Bless

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  2. Lovely Kellley, there’s some great art here. As for what to do when the muse leaves you. Sometimes you just have to put it aside for awhile then go back later and maybe you approach from a different direction.

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