week twenty-one

Karma only bites a guilty conscious. -me

Second of all, karma ain’t real. -also me

Sure, your actions will determine your destiny; if you stay up too late, you’ll most likely be tired if you have to wake early. But karma by the sole definition that you will get what you put out is… cute.

I’ll use Donald Trump as an example; he was a shitty person before he became president. Now look at him. If karma were real, wouldn’t he and “people” like him be nonexistent? Some of the 1% have gotten where they are by despicable means, yet their families for generations to come will be worry-free financially. (AND I understand that money isn’t everything, but having a little makes things a lot easier.) Wouldn’t child abusers and rapists be left for dead in the woods after being sodomized by rusty garden tools? I mean with clear evidence, why are they even getting court trials while people are locked up for a decade for peddling a little weed? Or does karma just hit decent people who pay their bills on time?

I think you get what you put out, yes. But you also get what you go after. And sometimes you don’t. Does that mean you have good karma? Bad karma? Maybe karma is just a sometimesy B. Or, quite possibly, that something is just not yours to have?

13 thoughts on “week twenty-one

  1. I agree. In this world the wicked prosper. Personally I think that the system is set up in favor of the rich with the poor merely existing. It’s a sad story. However we can’t give up. Plus we must fight for those who cannot fight for themselves, ie the Elderly, the disabled and children.

    Being a Believer in Eternal life I believe that the Soul/Spirit lives in and evil wicked People like Dhrump aka Agent Orange will pay and pay dearly in the next life.
    Whether hellfire Purgatory or the levels in Dante’s Inferno I know not but he and others like him will be held accountable.

    Please read Jesus parable of Lazarus (not the one who rose from the dead) and the rich man in Luke Chapter 16.

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    1. Exactly. There would be no classes, rich or poor if a system wasn’t in place. But even the angels are ranked, right.

      I will definitely read up on your suggestions. Thank you! And thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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      1. Thanks for your wonderful insightful post. Most likely during Jesus teachings folks had similar questions then just as we do now. Of course we live in an imperfect world but I do believe that their is a reckoning for all. Not always in this world where we can see it but it will come.

        Luke Chapter 16 starting at verse 19.

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  2. Very good post! My husband and I debate about this a lot. He has your view which I completely understand. I definitely feel the energy you put out is the energy you will receive back. However, I also believes what’s meant for you is for you, and what’s not is not (no matter how much we hate it 🙄).

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  3. Hahaha It’s not quite like that (from my limited understanding), so I’m going to proceed answering with a mutual understanding that this is my opinion based on what I’ve read and heard…mmmkay:

    Karma doesn’t mean that you get exactly what you’ve done to someone else, and in fact, it might not even be seen. So, for your Trump example, we don’t know how that man really feels, how his body is affected/effected, etc. THAT could be the karma that he has to deal with: failing health, deteriorating brain cells, whatever. Just because you steal from someone the karma might not be that someone then steals from you. It could be something else.

    Also, I’ve been listening to videos about karmic reincarnation. According to this, your karma might not even be in this lifetime. So again, with the Trump example, if/when he comes back then he could come back as a poor Mexican immigrant who grows up to be rich and learns to give much of his money away to support the poor. With this line of thought, you’ll keep reincarnating until you learn the lesson and blah, blah, blah lol

    Anywho, just thought I’d add to this convo 😉

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    1. I completely agree and share your beliefs, Dr. G. Trump is merely a face/name to point fingers at -someone to blame or celebrate. A puppet to keep the show going. (I honestly think the joke’s on us.) In regards to karma, he appears to be proof that people will still support, respect and love him despite what media claims he’s done instead of condemning him and plotting his downfall. So no, karma ain’t real in that regard. BUT karma is certainly real and hitting a certain demographic in Hawaii.

      And like you said in a siSTAR chat, one of your daughters is not of this world (or era?) and she’s been here before. There are so many souls like that amongst us. We’d be naive to think that this realm is all there is.

      I hope my examples translate; it’s not always easy getting your point across via text.
      And I always appreciate you reading and your blah blah blah 😉

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