week twenty-nine

How to Awaken Your Authenticity:

  • Remember what you liked doing as a kid.
  • Identify something that you’d love to do even if money wasn’t involved.
  • Think about things that you love doing and can do right now that don’t involve traveling or much preparing.
  • Imagine that you don’t have obligations and things don’t need to make sense. What comes to your mind?
  • Think like a child—from the heart—and start doing what your heart tells you.
  • Stimulate these thoughts and actions for 30 minutes daily to meet the authentic you.

-Healers of the Light


6 thoughts on “week twenty-nine

  1. Lovely points Kelley. I also think time alone often helps; most are afraid of being lonely though lol I stay alone and I’m always alone on my holidays, far away from my home country. I’ve been pushed to be my most authentic self through a matter of circumstance. I don’t think I would have gotten to this point quickly if not for my experience as a foreigner.

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  2. As a kid, I was super curious and loved to just wander off, free-flowing on my bike or on foot, making invisible hopscotch squares and skipping through them, climbing trees and getting pieces of cardboard to slide down big hills in summer and winter with my brothers. I am still curious and always up for an adventure, even it’s just driving three cities away just to see what’s there or chatting up people who seem interesting.


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