week thirty-six

How to Apologize

  1. Truly Recognize and Acknowledge what you did from the perspective of the offended.
  2. Take Responsibility for what you did to the offended with no BUTS and let go of your need to be right or any kind of hostile or defensive attitude.
  3. Find and connect with your inner kindness and compassion and speak from this energy only.
  4. Offer your apology from this space of love indicating the offense, reaffirming the respect deserved and asking for the acceptance of your apology sincerely and what you can do to make amends.
  5. Then shut the fuck up and truly listen. And let things heal.




Yep, I’m still riding the wave of apologizing with reason, not just blurting out I’m sorry. Plus I really really really like this list; I see it working wonders in long-term relationships worth maintaining.








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9 thoughts on “week thirty-six

  1. I am in no way close to this. I need sooooo much work when it comes to apologizing. SOOOO much! It’s really good advice. I am not justifying my actions but I know what it stems from. I have watched my pops for however long I’ve been on this earth be so (I can’t think of the word). It’s been instilled in me since birth. But no excuses, I have work to do.

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      1. Oh I recognize it, but the block I have in my heart to change that isn’t going anywhere. I have tried before and it just doesn’t work for me. I honestly think it would have to be a woman (the right woman) for me to even want to change. The issue runs deep in me.

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