week forty-two

With just ten weeks left until 2020, I’m taking some time to decide what new practices I want to implement and what I’d like to continue—in blogging and in life. And if you’re into resolutions, now is a good time to start—you know, just to see if they’re tangible goals or if you’re all talk! I’m sharing just 10 to get you inspired and thinking:

  1. Reading at least one book a month. This used to be so much easier for me, but I think I’ve only read three books this year and that’s not ok.
  2. Making a list and checking it thrice. For the days where there is too much on the agenda, I like to write out what needs to be done followed by what can wait. It makes it easier to remember and cross things off when they’re out of my head.
  3. Get outside (daily). This does not include the walk from the car into the grocer. No ma’am.
  4. Move daily. Even if it’s a five minute stretch to start my day or a squat session every 60mins at my desk, it makes a world of difference. Use it or lose it, folks.
  5. Hire out/Make room for people to help. 
  6. Relax. Yes, make the best of this one life, but remember that this all ends. Not much should be taken so seriously.
  7. Listen to listen, not to reply. I’m still growing.
  8. Art. Even if it’s trash, I share. I gotta put some something on paper! My goal is to make it a daily practice.
  9. Prepare. I can so easily (and comfortably) procrastinate on things that scare me or are just tedious and boring af. Preparing just makes handling them easier because they HALF TWO get done.
  10. Aspire to inspire. I don’t know if you noticed, but I post at least once a week on Wednesdays to get my readers inspired and engaged. Thanks for reading ❤︎

What are some goals you have for 2020? Do you find it challenging to implement new practices or change up your comfortable routine?

13 thoughts on “week forty-two

  1. I start my resolutions on my birthday, being that it is a new year for me. I read 20 books but I aimed for 100 this year. I feel like that is not ok. On a sheet of paper I write down the title, author start and finish date of every book that I have or am reading. Just as a way to keep track of my progress.
    A goal I do have that I keep starting and never finishing is to learn how to speak spanish.
    Good help is hard to come by. I have been trying to put two young people on with helping me build this house but they have no respect for time, nor do they really want to make any money.
    Here laately as a way to accomplish more, I have been forcing myself to do the things that I amy not feel like doing. I have a motto “Go Hard or Die Easy”. It’s hard to sit down and edit every single post I have ever written. It’s much easier to turn on my computer and watch anime. But which one bears ripe fruit.

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    1. Yes to allll of this. Some people never take a hard look nor attempt to fuel their goals/dreams. It’s frustrating to see that drive and potential die while they’re still living. Aren’t we all more comfortable being ………comfortable? Dreaming big and wanting more is a scary road less traveled.

      Anywho, I suggest the duolingo app to learn Spanish. It’s free and amazing.

      Wishing you the best on finding adequate help. Don’t invite those busters over when you finish.

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      1. This is a quick listen. Only about 30 minutes. It’s the strangest secret by earl nightingale. It will give you some motivation and tell why most people don’t achieve. I just listened to it again yesterday and read the book.

        And thank you on the Duolingo app. I had it before but stopped. I habe this program called pimsleur’s approach. But I haven’t been sticking with it.

        And you’re right. No busters allowed. 🚫

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  2. I celebrated my birthday a few weeks ago so its a good time to plan. Unfortunately I keep letting “uncontrollables” take over my self-care so that’s the main item on my list – prioritizing self-care. Love this post.

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  3. I’m going to read the books I have. Used are great condition so I have a few hundred books. Non-fiction,poetry,archeology,&some fiction. No more buying until I make a dent in my TBR pile.

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