week forty-nine

I attended a Friendsgiving dinner last month that involved a pretty cool bunch of women. We discussed everything from marriage to mental health and enjoyed a meal we all helped prepare. It was authentic and refreshing until…

The night ended like so many have lately: the exchange of social media handles.

I think back to just ten years ago; at the end of an intimate dinner or house party, I wouldn’t have thought to ask for anyone’s social media info or even their phone number. And still don’t. But it seems to be the thing now. And it’s not that I didn’t find these women interesting, but sometimes your exchange is meant to start and end with the evening; those moments is all we’re meant to have. This is not a good or bad thing, but just how it is with some. Like, sure, we had a great talk about black holes and the public school system, but, after just a couple hours of chatting, do I really need to add pics of your mom’s new puppy and ootd to my headspace? I would rather, which I have done before, ask to continue a conversation over coffee. Or remind her to email me that article she thought I’d enjoy—that, to me, is how genuine connections are formed and may stand to blossom.

I just think it’s odd to have me in the flesh and find me interesting enough to seek out and subscribe to on social media, but a friendly request for lunch and a museum goes unspoken. What is the point of getting to know me online—with the minuscule percentage of myself that I actually share—when you can get to know me me?

I GET that social media lets you be nosy without being nosy; I like it for that reason too. But the whole let’s-get-to-know-each-other-but-not-really-by-commenting-and-liking-pictures-of-each-other-online or just silently stalking is tie urd. And kinda creepy, no?

I call it social injustice.. 😏
Get it?

20 thoughts on “week forty-nine

    1. Right. I’m sure my face said “please don’t make me do this.” I could see if we lived states apart MAYBE, but we’re right here or adjacent!

      Thanks for reading and commenting, love. What’s you handle? hehe i’m kidding!

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    1. As you should! As we all should. Some people just want to be nosy or feel like they know you instead of truly caring or actually knowing you.

      Thanks for reading! I bet you’re mad cool in real life.

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      1. You’re most welcome! I tell people, “who you see online is who you’ll get offline.” I am a big kid: an avider reader, writer, lover of laughs, and lover of love.” I bet you’re cool too 🙂

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  1. I get it. There’s Me, me and SM Me and whole bunch of other me’s, but let’s stay in the here and now and be present with each other. I thought the evening sounded lovely AS IS and sometimes that’s enough, unless someone REALLY wants to stay connected (in the real world). I give people I really want to connect with my phone number and that’s it.

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    1. Right. SM gives a false sense of connection and it’s refreshing when people recognize that and seek genuine, real world connections. It could all be so simple.

      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.

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